Avengers 4: Marvel Executive Explains Why Thanos Did Not Kill Avengers in

Avengers 4: Marvel Executive Explains Why Thanos Did Not Kill Avengers in Infinity War

Image: A still from Infinity War trailer (Youtube/Marvel)


Marvel fans were left shell shocked when Thanos and his Black Order took over earth’s mightiest heroes Avengers in Infinity War. But, ever since the release, they have been wondering why the Mad Titan did not kill them.
Both in Wakanda and Titan he leaves the superheroes alive once he has obtained the stones from them. Answering the same, Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding revealed the mindset of Thanos at these moments.
“The plan of getting all the Infinity Stones is putting [Thanos] in the position of being so powerful that he is sort of calmer, more single-minded, and more reasonable. He is not necessarily worried about killing the heroes. As long as he ends up with the stones, he can accomplish what he wants to,”Comicbook.comquoted Meinerding.His statement falls completely in sync with the concept of Infinity War as throughout the film, Thanos stresses on balancing the universe and not taking revenge. This is also something that makes his character unique, because the antagonist does not plan to settle scores but plans on the greater good even if it requires him to kill half the universe.Detailing more about Thanos’ character Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said, “Thanos has been lurking in the shadows with a desire to obtain these Infinity Stones, which has played a big part in our other films.”

Talking about building the character and his mission Feige said, “Storytelling devices that we’ve seeded into every film will continue to play a part and come together. We’ve been teasing this for six years. That’s a long time to tease something cinematically before paying it off. Thanos has to be the greatest villain in our movies.”

Will the Avengers take over the Mad Titan and save half the universe, fans will find out in May next year with Avengers 4.

|Edited by: Vaishali Jain