Senators are a value underdog NHL bet

No guts, no glory.   Take the Senators +275 as an NHL Sharp Edge Pick tonight.   +275 means a mere $10 wager pays you back $37.50, for a very handsome profit.   Odds like these are virtually unheard of in the modern NHL and the Senators deserve a shot.   They are a decent team, playing almost .500 hockey and while Tampa is arguably the best team in the league, they aren’t a dynasty.

The part of me that lurks underneath isn’t finished grappling with this French journalist acting the tough, hard-bitten reporter
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We concluded that practically all of western Canada, and the sizeable conservative minority in eastern Canada, were practically unrepresented in the national media
What should not change are the ideas and perspectives that animate the National Post. Its founding insight is as correct today as it was two decades ago