Honda develops revolutionary battery for electric cars

Honda разрабатывает революционные аккумуляторы для электрических автомобилей

The company Honda announced its work on a new type of rechargeable batteries for electric cars that can replace lithium-ion, while possessing less weight and 10 times more capacity.At the moment, the limitations of lithium-ion batteries are already well known automakers, some of which are exploring alternative opportunities associated with lithium-air technology. But Honda decided to take a different approach.So, the Japanese company together with scientists from Caltech and jet propulsion Laboratory NASA is developing a new chemical composition of the battery based on fluoride Ionia, which will significantly improve the ability of the batteries.According to one of the employees of Honda, fluoride-ion batteries offer 10 times higher density than existing lithium-ion, and they are also much lighter, which could allow to increase the range of electric vehicles on a single charge.In addition, the fluoride-ion battery is safer because it does not have problems with overheating as the lithium-ion, and more environmentally friendly. But they also have their disadvantages – they can work at temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius.At the moment the company is developing, but has already stated that the researchers were able to find a way to create a fluoride-ion cell capable of operating at room temperature.It remains to wait and see whether this revolution in batteries for mass production, it is necessary not just to create something interesting and new, but also to make it so that technology could be massive.