Chiefs' Jeff Allen Gave Tickets to AFC Championship to Fan Who Helped Him Get

Nobody wants to show up late to a playoff game because of car issues. But definitely not weather issues.

Don’t you hate it when it snows but you still have to go to work?

Whether you have to scrape snow off the windshield or put down salt to get traction on your tires, it’s all a pain in the butt. But when your job is going to play in an NFL playoff game, navigating the weather becomes even more important. Your whole city is counting on you to not only show up, but to perform well.

So when Chiefs offensive tackle Jeff Allen got stuck in the snow on his way to Saturday’s win over the Colts, he was probably a little more stressed out than most of us would have been.

However, he did get some much-needed assistance so he could get to the divisional round contest on time.

Thanks to the power of Twitter and the ability to navigate a few scammers, Allen was able to find the man who helped him in his time of need to gift him tickets to next week’s game.

If the Chiefs win next week, it will be their first trip to the Super Bowl since they won Super Bowl IV. Maybe Dave will continue to be a good luck charm.