Chiefs Player Gifting Homeless Man Who Helped Get His Car Out of Snow With

​​Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen received a big helping hand ahead of the Chiefs playoff game vs the ​Colts on Saturday. Allen’s car was stuck in the snow in Kansas City as he was trying to make his way to the stadium. He sought help, and a homeless man named Dave offered to assist him in getting his car out of the snow, despite having no idea Allen was a Chiefs’ player.

Now, Allen, who was able to get to the game on time, is set to reward Dave with an incredible experience. He gifted the man two free tickets to the ​AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs will attempt to earn a Super Bowl bid. 

​​This is an incredibly classy gesture from Allen, especially after he was helped out by Dave. Allen searched for Dave on Twitter before finally tracking him down and offering him the reward. 

This is overall a truly awesome moment between an athlete and a local fan in his city and created a special moment for them to bond. 

​​Allen claims that a lot of people pretended to be Dave in order to poach free tickets to the game, but ultimately he was able to track down the correct individual and get him the reward he deserved. 

An extremely classy gesture from the Chiefs’ offensive guard.