Scheidegger out of Meridian Canadian Open after loss in quarterfinals

North Battleford, Sask. — Casey Scheidegger’s hope of a 2017 repeat in North Battleford was dashed Saturday afternoon in a 4-3 defeat to Rachel Homan in the feature game. 

The game featured three blank ends, but Scheidegger tied it up in the seventh, making it a 3-3 game. 

After the teams exchanged missed shots in the final end, it all came down to a slick draw by Homan to win, but Scheidegger took the game in stride and complemented the play of her competitor while commending her team.

“It was a really well-played game by both sides,” she said. “(Homan) made some great shots, and that’s something we can expect when we’re playing a world-class team like that. She made a great shot to win, and sometimes that happens. That’s the breaks of not having a hammer on the way home.”

It was a slow-paced matchup, with plenty of time to think for the 30-year-old skip. The longer breaks didn’t have an effect on her squad, as Scheidegger said, they prefer the pace.

“It’s something we’ve adjusted to,” she said. “We like having the few breaks in between and take a couple extra moments to relax.”

The fans were heavily on Scheidegger’s side throughout the week. She said it had a very strong home-based feel, and North Battleford will always be a place that will hold a special place in her heart following her championship win two years ago.

Up next for Scheidegger is the Alberta Scotties in two weeks.  The rink’s focus now turns to practice and fine-tuning their game moving forward.