Crunch week for Brexit vote

I know that, right here, I’ve been writing about, and we’ve been discussing, our prime minister’s and politicians’ Brexit choices for more than two-and-a-half years.

And, yes indeed, there have been many, many times we have reported it is a crunch moment, a crucial day, or a vital moment.

And each mini-drama, each bizarre twist, each day where we have moved further from anything like politics-as-usual, has had meaning.

That’s true of the prime minister’s speech in Florence, the meltingly hot cabinet day out at Chequers, Boris Johnson stalking out of the cabinet, or indeed, the EU saying “non, non, non” at Salzburg, or Gina Miller’s Supreme Court appeal, where on Parliament’s behalf – on behalf of all of us in a sense – she won a bigger say over Brexit for MPs.

Barring an almost incredible-to-imagine second delay to the vote, Tuesday is when MPs get the chance to express that wish – to say yes or no to the deal that’s on the table.

The weird thing about it is that unless, again, something almost impossible-to-ponder happens, we know they are, in large numbers, going to say no.

So, what will happen at that point?

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