LeBron James and the Cavaliers' perception of the Raptors

Whenever Toronto faced off against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers over the past few seasons, no Raptors fan ever felt overly confident about the team’s chances.

This could leave one to believe that with the amount of success James has had over the club in his career, it would’ve been easy for the Cavs to chalk up the Raps as an easy outing.

But despite all of that success, Cleveland and “The King” never took the Raptors lightly, according to Toronto assistant coach and former Cavs staffer Phil Handy who was on the Cavaliers’ sideline for their recent playoff matchups.


“There was a level of respect, you know. It wasn’t like we looked at Toronto like, ‘Aw, these bums,” Handy said. “We respected the team, you know, and we prepared for them. I also felt that they, the team, felt confident they could beat [Toronto].”

Humility between two rival clubs away from the court, no doubt.

On the floor, well, it was a completely different story, as the Cavs sheer dominance over the Raptors was anything but respectful — it was just rude.

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