Becky Lynch is 'The Man' in real life

Lynch is a real-life superhero
Lynch is a real-life superhero

Becky Lynch has a lot of fans that care about her, and it turns out that she is willing to go the extra mile for her fans too. At a recent signing, one fan had a seizure, and The Man jumped to be right at her side.

According to a few fan accounts, Becky Lynch was very excited to meet her fans, and she started out by hopping the rails and clicking pictures with a fan who couldn’t climb the stairs. While clicking pictures with her other fan, she saw a fan laying on the floor as she was suffering from seizures. The fan was waiting in the queue for a signing at a fan event, and she couldn’t climb the stairs because she was struggling with her seizures.

Lynch didn’t think twice before helping the female fan. According to the story, Becky Lynch rushed quickly to help the fan and held on to her until the EMT’s arrived at the event. ‘The Irish Lasskicker’ proved to be of timely help, and her help has probably helped the fan from serious repercussions.  

The fan stated, “Becky is the nicest person ever and I haven’t even talked to her yet but a lady was unable to get up the stairs and she HOPPED up to run and hug her and sign her picture.

I almost forgot to tell you guys, Becky Lynch is a really f***ing good person. A girl had a seizure in line at the signing, started shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t make it up the stairs. Becky ran and held her tight as she could for like 5 minutes until it completely stopped.

Several fans are doting over Lynch’s considerate gesture and they didn’t hesitate before posting on their social media handles. Here is another fan who was present at the fan event:

This gesture has won several hearts as Lynch didn’t think twice before helping the fan. History has shown us that not every star or celebrity put their helping hand forward at the times of emergency, and that’s the bitter truth. But, Lynch proved that she is ‘The Man’ both on-screen and off-screen. 

Her character demands her to be fearless and very spontaneous, and she proved that she is no less off-screen. Kudos to Lynch and her efforts and we also hope that the female fan gets well soon.


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