PCO Credits His Career Resurgence to Living in the Moment, Thinks He Can Wrestle Another Five Years

The Mirror recently spoke to ROH talent PCO ahead of last night’s ROH 17th Anniversary show. Below are some highlights.

PCO on what drove his career resurgence and having a good time in the ring: “Every night I performed I just said to myself, ‘there is no yesterday and no tomorrow, so I just concentrate on the moment I am living right now’. I have been doing that every day of my life recently, but back then, I was trying to think about the future and what would make me happy, I was never really in the moment. From the wisdom I gained over the years I began to be in the moment. That is my trick almost, to be so concentrated on what I am doing all the time. I am having more fun and having better moments in the last two years than I have for a long time. This is by far the most fun I have had in the business. Every time I pack my bags for the weekend I am feeling full and happy, I am enjoying this run so much more. It is a combination of things making me feel like it. I had so much fun last year traveling by myself across the world. I was on a very tough schedule but was still having fun because I was just enjoying every match like it was a WrestleMania match.”

PCO on why he signed with ROH: “There was many offers on the table at the time. Pretty much all the major companies. Without blaming anybody, I chose ROH because I really liked their approach and the way they work with their talent and creative together. They are trying to get the best out of you by asking how you feel about yourself and how you envisage your character. They are certainly not making you do something against what you are. Sometimes wrestling is too scripted for and sometimes they might look at it as movies, but we are not doing movies we are doing live shows. The best thing about wrestling is a little bit of fiction and a little bit of reality. You need to be yourself and for me that’s the feeling I had and the vibe I had with ROH.”

“I felt they were really trying to not change PCO or make another short of thing, they just accepted PCO and that was one of the biggest reasons I signed with them. The other reason was all the talk about Villain Enterprises. They wanted the three guys in a group. I knew Marty Scurll from 2008 and I got along good with him back then. I knew we had good chemistry and that it would be fun working with him. I had been feuding with Brody King on the indy scene and our chemistry was good as well. I felt that we could be the biggest faction in pro wrestling. l like the chemistry we have and that was something I was interested in. Those two factors are important to me. On top of that, ROH were professional with their approach and how they handled business with me.”

PCO on how much time he has left in the ring: “It’s crazy to think, but at 51 years of age, you are not showing any signs of slowing up. But equally do you have a time period in mind when you think you will call it a day?
Depending on the way everything goes, I think I still have another five years for sure. But also I have to keep improving, and keep on getting better and better, and doing all the things I have been doing in the last two years.”